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Cathy MacNeill started taking photographs when she was just a kid. Her family and friends quickly realized she had a natural talent for the arts. Born and raised in the Niagara region, Cathy was inspired by the greenspace around her, marine salvage, waterfalls, and the great lakes. Cathy sees beauty in the strangest of places including junk yards and in obscurity.
As a trained Goldsmith for more than 20 years Cathy treats her jewellery design process as an art. During this lengthy career she has been exposed to all elements of the trade from retail, management, manufacturing, gemstones, watches, diamonds, and more.
Her long time interest in photography and her lengthy career in the jewellery industry merge naturally as a product photographer dedicated to her trade and culminated in 2015 in the form of MacNeill Photography.


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Jay Cameron Director Sales and Marketing Universal Time Inc

We used MacNeill Photography for images of our seasonal watch introductions and were impressed with the resolution and colour in the images. Aaron MacNeill understands our business and knew how Pierre Laurent wanted to convey our brand message perfectly. I would recommend them to anyone needing quality images of both watches and Jewellery.”